Monday, June 16, 2008

Where does the Muse come from - and what was she thinking?

As a writer, have you ever wondered where certain things come from?

Well if you ever figure it out … please let me know!

In the meantime...


Midnight Epiphany

Ric Wasley

“Who are you?” She said.

“Your worst nightmare and your greatest hope.” I answered. “I am the million thoughts that deluge your mind each time you let your defenses down.
I’m those flittering nasty, no-where impulses that perch on your eyelids each night when you try to close them. I’m what makes you cry out into the darkness that you’re better now. You don’t want this anymore. You can’t take this anymore. You just want this all to be over. You want to be free. You don’t want my body to ever invade yours again – but then again you can’t survive without it.
I am what you despise and lust for eternally without rest or respite.

I am the claw wrapped around your heart that will never let go. I make you scream into the midnight darkness with unbearable pain. And I am what you moan into your pillow for each night.

You will never be free of me and could not face another dawn if you were.

I am less of me than you imagine and more of you than you realize.

I am.


Ric Wasley – Author/Musician

•Shadow of Innocence - Kunati - 2007
•Newport Blues (limited Edition)
•Acid Test – 2004

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