Saturday, June 14, 2008

Blog about Love

Where to begin? What is love? The question has been asked through the centuries, in poetry and sonnet, in music and in long soliloquies. To blog about love is to get in line with those that came before, the men and women in love, out-of-love, desiring love and unsure of love.

In Belly of the Whale, the main character asks her captor, Buddy Baker, about love. Hudson Catalina remembers that she did not say “I love you” to her husband Jack that morning and reprimands herself for being preoccupied. Buddy Baker answers Hudson. “There’s no such thing as love like in the movies. The kind of love that someone is supposed to have for another, the kind that says no matter what or who you are I still love you.”

There are people who feel that way, the ones who never had the love and support of family. Love is lost on folk like Buddy Baker who take love and twist it into hate and violence.

The bible says that love is patient and that love is kind. It also says to love thy enemy. Now that isn’t easy. We strive our whole life to be loved, we search out that person or persons who will love us with our faults and failings. But then what? How do we keep love alive?

Perhaps love is blind; perhaps it is really a fairy tale, or a fantasy. Love can be elusive, like a butterfly. Maybe love is not in the places we are looking, maybe love is in front of our nose and we have to pay attention.

Hudson Catalina from Belly of the Whale tells us something about love. When Buddy Baker tells her that he never told anyone he loved them. She says. “Too bad, it feels good to tell people you love them.”

Love advice from a blog.

Blog what you hear, read, see and write.

Linda Merlino, author, Belly of the Whale
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