Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Blog an Interview

“Who are you?” This classic line from Alice in Wonderland is what I think of when I think: interview. My Virtual Book Tour is entering day three and an interview with BCBooks by Mayra Calvani is posted for those stopping by.

Interviews allow a writer to squirt about him or herself. To reveal childhood dreams and paths less traveled. The inspiration for titles and characters all come alive when questioned. Once a solitary figure stooped over the computer keys this writer gleefully answers questions that probe sacred space and writer’s block.

What scares me to death and what propels me to continue as a writer; my preferences when reading, my heroes, my favorites. Is there another book in the works? So many questions and so much food for the train of thought.

Thank you Blogcritics, for the perfect opportunity to talk about me. Me and my passion for writing and how fortunate I am to be a published author, and not only published but published by the Best Independent Publisher of 2008, Kunati, Inc.

All of the Kunati authors applaud the genius of Derek Armstrong and the Kunati Three. We are proud to be a part of the celebration. Look for more information about my publisher in today’s interview with BCBooks.

The Virtual Book Tour Train is chugging into the cyber station, hope you can come aboard today and everyday through the month of June. http://www.blogcritics.org

Blog what you think, see, hear and write…

Linda Merlino, author, Belly of the Whale




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Life on Tilt said...

Hi Linda - congratulations on publishing your first novel! The reviews on Amazon are plentiful and outstanding.

I can relate - my first novel was just published last month. Feel free to check out Life on Tilt @ www.lifeontilt.com for a free excerpt, YouTube trailer, etc.

All the best,

John Blowers