Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fame, or Infamy, in Port Moody

Last time, I mentioned that the newspaper article about me and FATAL ENCRYPTION still hadn't arrived. But then, neither had my local paper which, under normal circumstances, is delivered twice a week to our door, free of charge. (Yes, some things in this world are still free). Delivery has fallen apart over the past couple of months. I guess not many kids want to earn money delivering papers anymore, so the Friday the 13th issue didn't arrive. I made a mental note to look for the paper at the library and community centres, but it slipped my mind over the weekend.

First thing Monday morning, I went to Curves for my usual workout and the next thing I know everyone is smiling and clapping as soon as I stepped onto the circuit--not something that ever happens when I show up, trust me. Still not quite awake, I said, "What happened?" Our instructor pointed to the bulletin board and said, "I saw the article about you and put it on the board." And that's how I found out.

I didn't take a closer look at the article until I'd finished my workout and was stretching. There in large, bold letters was the caption: WHITE-COLLAR CRIME BIG DRAW FOR PORT MOODY AUTHOR. Cool. I was given half a page, including a nice photo, and I'm happy with the article, so all is well. My local bookstore told me that someone even came in asking for it a couple of days ago. You know, Friday the 13th has always been a pretty lucky day for me, but then I never did swim with the crowd.

Also on the promotion front, I received a nice review from, where the reviewer described the plot and ended by saying it was a nicely done Canadian story. After it came out, I asked the reviewer if I could post his review on my site and at AuthorDen. He said "Certainly, it's a great book." I wish he would have used those words in the review. Sigh.

More reviews are coming. Meanwhile, I keep looking for more reviewers.

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