Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Blog a Reader's Review

You write and you write and some days you think, who will read this, and why? Writing is private and solitary, often not meant for others to view. But when a writer makes the leap, when a writer makes the move into public, then the writer expects someone, anyone to give a nod of approval.

Belly of the Whale is making the rounds with readers. There have been reviews and most are very positive, and encouraging. Today is the second day of my Virtual Book Tour and Review Your Book has given Belly a five star review.

What struck me upon reading Debra Gaynor’s review was that she got it; she absorbed the story and found the core, the heart beat. There are readers that will like Belly of the Whale and to them I will always be grateful, but there are those readers who will understand with a pure heart what is being said.

Debra Gaynor is one of these folk. “Everyone can relate to this novel”, she states, “For we have all faced the belly of the whale in some manner.”

Blogging a reader review is humbling. My head is out, my neck too. Thanks to all my reviewers and especially to Debra Gaynor for joining me with such kind words on Day Two.

Blog what you think, feel, see and write.

Linda Merlino, author Belly of the Whale



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