Saturday, August 16, 2008

Writers and Olympians ... Not so Different

I'm not an athlete and never was, but I sure enjoy watching great competition. Nothing's better than seeing Olympians from sixteen to over fifty compete their hearts out. Sure, some of the highest ranking athletes do win gold, but not always. The unexpected can happen, which is what makes sport so interesting.

I empathize with the daily struggle, commitment, and dedication these athletes have endured to qualify for tickets to Beijing. So many of them have spent years of physical pain, uncertainty, and financial loss to achieve their goal. Does any of this sound familiar to you writers out there? Obviously, a lot of terrific athletics won't win a medal, but for a brief time we'll know their names, cheer them on, and admire them for having gotten this far.

Lots of good writers will never win awards, become bestsellers or make a living from their work, but I admire their spirit and respect their efforts. They deserve a cheer and round of applause for the hundreds of hours spent creating and editing at their keyboards, putting their work out there, and hoping the world will notice for at least a few brief moments.

Here's a quote from ByLine magazine. I've posted this before, but it's worth repeating as we're midway through the Olympics.

"Tenacity is essential to success in writing. While success as a writer is a great achievement, considerable merit attaches to the effort itself. As in athletics, training is the struggle; victory is merely the affirmation of that struggle."

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