Sunday, August 31, 2008

Breathing Again. Writing, Watching, Listening

A couple of weeks ago, I was madly preparing lists of things to do before I packed up and headed out on a family vacation. My husband's not a fan of travelling, so we only leave town for one week a year. By the third day, he's already starting to miss his big-screen TV, his office in our basement, his space, and his stuff.

I, on the other hand, yearn to get away. Book promotion is a seven-day a week job with long lists of things to do, and I welcomed the break away from my computer. More importantly, I needed time to stop thinking about publishing and promoting. It was time to get back to basics. To sit out on the huge sundeck overlooking the lake, and breathe and watch, and enjoy the quiet. Not just the external noise, but the noise in my head. The noise that says "oh, I should do this, and I need to contact so-and-so, and isn't it time to post another blog".

But I'm a writer by nature and ideas began to come while I was on that sundeck. So, I acknowledged them and jotted a few notes, but without rush or a market in mind. I experienced, quiet moments of pure creation. It was wonderful. And yes, I worked on an ongoing book some of the time, but in a far more relaxed state of mind than I was used to.

I want to create more of that quiet space in my everyday life, where my mind isn't pulled apart by the to-do list, domestic chores, and family responsibilities. It's a challenge, but I'm recharged, relaxed, and up for it.

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Tinisha Nicole Johnson said...

I agree, taking a vacation from writing can be really rejuvenating. It can also cause new thoughts to flow, so when you are ready to write again, you have something fresh and new to write. Best of luck with your book.