Sunday, August 03, 2008

Are You Doomed?

Here's another gem I picked up from ByLine Magazine. I've kept it pinned to my bulletin board a long time. Byline says:

"There is a cartoon from the For Better, For Worse, strip about a young journalism major who suffers several days when he can't write anything that "works". He begins to have second thoughts about his chosen path in life and confides in his girlfriend: 'Maybe I'm too emotional for this. I'm full of self-doubt, I'm sarcastic and compulsive and analytical, and half the time I life in a fantasy world. I don't have any of the creative elements that make someone a writer!' The punch line that the reader supplies, of course, is that the poor kid not only has the qualities, he's doomed to be a writer."

I know that doom and I suspect many of my colleagues do too.

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