Friday, August 01, 2008

Weekly Writing Potpourri

Of interest to both writers and readers, agent Nathan Bransford posted a blog this week called What Are Your Pet Peeves As A Reader? Check it out. It's very informative and could almost make up a What Not To Do writer's manual.

I'm having an Author Chat over at LibraryThing. Some of you have asked the best questions I've gotten since the debut of Janeology! Stop by and read the Q&A if you get a chance. I'm giving away one copy of the book to one lucky commenter on August 13.

Being that Janeology is all about genetic inheritance, my old high school bud Steve sent me this link to an article that poses a uniquely 21st Century issue Should You Marry Someone With Bad Genes?

From the article: Q. My boyfriend, who I love dearly, has repeatedly asked me to marry him. He wants to have kids together and a happy life. We are such close friends that I do believe we would work as a married couple. However, he has a number of hereditary health conditions. The only thing keeping me from marrying him is the thought of having a child with the same health problems. I lost a child (from a previous marriage) to sudden infant death syndrome, and he is well aware of this.

As I have recently been immersed in Jane Austen fiction and film, I can't help but wonder - How would Jane Austen have written about this modern relationship? And would it be called Dil-Emma?

Have a great weekend!

Karen Harrington

author, Janeology

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