Sunday, April 06, 2008

Bright Lights and ....?

Many thanks to all of you who contributed words of comfort and
common sense during my sartorial meltdown over choosing
whatever would make me look the least fashioned challenged
the taping of my TV interview..

You want to know what I chose? Aw, come on – you really do - don't
you? Well pretend damn it! I went for … guess? Yup – you got it. All
black. But – sans the silver toed boots.

It actually was a big kick for me. I've had 3 other TV things but
they were all 1 cameraman, sort of off the cuff and once the camera
man told me to delay the start of my talk for 10 minutes while he ran
to CVS to buy a DVD/tape – he'd forgotten to bring any!

This time there were 3 camera men and a sound man. We actually had
a dress rehearsal, went over the questions and set up camera angles.
There was even a nice young lady who come over and powdered my
big old red nose! (didn't do much good that I could see).

The hostess was super nice and the ½ hour flew by. So much so that
yours truly who can never shut up, started getting the cut sign when
I was about halfway through the passage that Darleen (the hostess)
had asked me to read from Shadow of Innocence. "EEEk," I thought.
What should do? Read faster? Just say, "the end"?
Doggedly I plowed on as producers and camera men waved clip
boards in the background. I had to finish the last words from my
favorite passage.
I heard the words, "Roll credits!" as I finally rounded the corner of
the last sentence and finished with…. "Bridget screamed."
"And close," the producer whispered. I looked up at Darleen. Was
she gonna brain me with the water pitcher?
Nope. She was sweet and gracious. "The Book is Shadow of
Innocence," she said holding it up. "And the author Ric Wasley.
Thank you so much for coming Ric." She smiled.
"Thank YOU Darleen!" I breathed a sigh of relief.

Then we sat there – our smiles frozen to our faces as the camera and
sound men fussed with various things. "Can we move?" I whispered
to Darleen from between my gritted, smiling teeth. Finally we got the
official nod.
Now was I gonna get hammered about running over? Nope.
The producer was nice about it and said he see what he could do in
editing but best of all Darleen leaned over and whispered to me, "that
was fun – can you come back in the Fall?" Could I? Just try to keep me
So went my half hour of fame and they were nice enough to burn me 3
DVD's of the show.

Well it was lots of fun and now it's back to the real world of pounding
the keyboard and taking out the garbage (and probably in about that
But thanks all for letting me share with you my tiny slice of
the `glamorous' life.

All the best

Ric Wasley
• Shadow of Innocence – 2007
• Acid Test – 2004

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