Saturday, February 02, 2008

Look Out Your Window...

I try to follow my own advice, and in a bloggers world that is to blog about what I see. In this case blog about what is out side my window and how it will affect my day. There can be beauty in blog, you just have recognize it in your life and pass the beauty on.

It is early morning. I am in my car. The air crisp, clear New England cold envelopes me. Hunkered down in the driver’s seat I begin my short commute. Ahead of me the sun rises.

I look out my window and see blue sky, an ocean blue palette of color spread low against the sun’s upward movement. Still tired from being forced outside of slumber, I squint into the light. I reach for my glasses, slide them low on my nose and dip my head to see under the tint of the windshield. The color intensifies, like looking through a mystical glass it continues to wrap around the sky as I drive. Skirting the blue is a layer of petal pink, the combination is upside down; pink over blue and the two together, spectacular.

If I was still in bed I would have missed this collision of color, this singular event of the cosmos. Having to go to work keeps me from reading, keeps me from getting more pages of another book written. My day job prevents me from answering email and doing internet marketing for my new novel. Having to plug away takes me out of the valley that surrounds me onto a country road that takes me to higher ground. Perhaps there is an underlying message in all of that, one that speaks of narrow views and of going outside me to broader vistas.

There is time to pull over; I am full face to the rising sun’s majesty.
Houses dot the landscape, their sleepy windows dark and snoring. Wake up I whisper. Run to your windows and greet the sunrise. Don’t miss this one; don’t go through your whole day never knowing its beauty.

But this is life? There are people who have the world uninterrupted right before their eyes and never look out a window? They go through their days oblivious to the rising and the setting.

I can not see the sunrise from my home. I have to search it out, like Mohamed to the mountain. This interlude with the rising sun tells me that I am on the right path. Tells me that others may have the opportunities but do not take them, and I have to try harder, but no matter. Perhaps too, the journey is more important than the destination and for sure, there is a higher power.

So I share the beauty in blog and tell you that life is for living.

“He who postpones the hour of living is like the rustic who waits for the river to run out before he crosses.” Horace 65-8 BCE

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