Thursday, January 31, 2008

Well bully for you, but who will save the chicken?

I got fan mail today from a bloke who’s just finished reading Recycling Jimmy. Now I know that, for most of the Kunati authors who had their novels published at the same time as me, this milestone was passed some time ago but I like to think that my target audience are just slow readers. Particularly pleasing is the fact that the letter came from someone who had never written to an author before. He just wanted to thank me for giving him a good laugh. How cool is that? Made me realise too that the whole process of writing a book doesn’t count for much if no one appreciates it. I always thought that I was writing for my own pleasure and whilst that maybe true to a point, the fact is that once published, you realise that you were writing for others; writing in the hope that someone, somewhere will like what you’ve done. There are other types of feedback that validate all this of course: royalty cheques (which reminds me, where the hell is mine?) and reviews, but generally these are from people who are either in the business or have an interest in it. If I had to choose, I’d take that unsolicited contact from a complete stranger any time. On the other side of the coin, no doubt it’s the start of sleepless nights for me; images of a tattooed madman sat sniffing my book surrounded by walls covered with news clippings and excerpts scrawled in chicken’s blood. Only messing Allan, much appreciated and glad you enjoyed RJ.

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Cheryl Kaye Tardif, bestselling author said...

You realize, Andy, that now you'll have to wear a long black trenchcoat, black hat and dark sunglasses everywhere you go. So no one will recognize you.

And you'll have to hire a bodyguard, like I have. :)

Watch out for those stalker fans!!! hehehe

Just kidding.

Although I do have one myself. She bought three copies of Whale Song and gave me a perfume gift set a few weeks before Christmas. Weirdly enough, it was one of my favorite perfumes! (How did she know???)

[insert Twilight Zone music here]

And then about 3 days before Christmas, she bought 3 more copies of Whale Song and gave me a beautiful pearl bracelet.

She's a sweet old gal...from India...and has the brightest smile. I look forward to seeing her every time I'm at her favorite mall. I don't expect gifts...just her smile makes my day.

And she has no tattoos.

Or chicken blood.

And she sells my books to people who pass by my table. I could go for lunch and leave her there. hehe

I love having fans. Enjoy them, Andy. They make you want to write more. And better! And without them, we are just people, not authors.