Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Subscribers contest! Wanna win? :)

I love giving away prizes! So I decided to give away lots of prizes in the next few months.

This month, I have a contest that is open to anyone who subscribes to my monthly newsletter. And I often do spontaneous things for my subscribers and I plan to do even more this year.

Your email addy is safe with me; I don't bog you down with junk mail. My Divine News newsletter often gives you information about special events first. It's an easy way to check out what I'm doing, what novel I'm working on and more.

And it automatically registers you for special subscriber only contests.

So sign up for my Divine News newsletter now and check out this month's Subscriber Only contest!

Go to: http://www.cherylktardif.com/ and in top left box, fill in your name and email addy and hit "OK".

~Cheryl Kaye Tardif,
Bestselling author of Whale Song
(ISBN: 1601640072 or 9781601640079 - 2007, Kunati Books)

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