Sunday, February 24, 2008

IPods and the Final Push is Nearly Over

Thanks to Ric Wasley for his wonderful post on empty nests and IPods. I would have e-mailed my comments but I don't know his address. Anyhow, three days ago, I acquired my first IPod - a cute little silver thing. Yesterday, my 19 year-old-daughter (who still lives at home, but dreams of leaving when she's finished university and has a real job) taught me how to download CDs onto iTunes (I didn't know iTunes existed until yesterday), and then onto the IPod. It's very cool because I can now listen to those CDs--on my walks, or in my car --that have been neglected for years. My daughter's also responsible for creating my website and is almost as excited about my soon-to-be-released book as I am.

Mercifully, I am nearly finished the final edit of FATAL ENCRYPTION. I've managed nearly 300 pages over the past four weeks and am down to the last 70 or so. It's been fun and exhilerating, but it's only the beginning of the hard work that's to come. Which reminds me, if I ask real nice, she'll help me put up sample chapters and the new jacket cover by this time next week. Stay tuned.

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Ric Wasley said...

Hi Debra
Thanks so much for your nice comment and I'm so glad that you enjoyed my little slice of whimsy.

In fact if you liked that one, click or paste this link;

and you can read more of these little musings on the life and times of aging Baby Boomers. In fact there's one that poses that we who invented all of today's High Tech marvels, have got to ask our kids to show us how they work!
And as you confirm in your article - it's true!!

Anyway, thanks again for your comment and all the best

PS ... feel free to e mail anytime in either my MySpace page;

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