Monday, February 11, 2008

Soul Writing...

Blog about soul, that’s what I was thinking today. But how do you do that? We talk about soul, things like: soul food, he’s got soul, music from the soul and other such phrases. But, what does soul mean?

This thought occurs to me that soul is the very center of creativity, that when we deny soul we deny self-expression. We live linear lives, inside the box and color inside the lines. If that’s the case then from an early age most of us we’re taught to bypass the soul.

Soul is what we are supposed to be, not what we are told to be. To use a cliché: We need to get back to the soul. In some beliefs the soul never dies. That’s heavy. But something so important must be immortal. So perhaps we have immortal souls.

To blog about soul means to go inside and search for it; talk to our soul, ask it what it needs. If you get up every day and are doing your souls bliss then you are on target.

Soul is passion. For me writing is my passion and each day that I do that, my soul sings. This is food for my soul.

What kind of diet does your soul thrive on? I have a sense that perhaps we need to feed our souls. We feed our bodies, often with the wrong things; junk food for one. Our diet can be healthy or a killer. Fried foods, diet sodas, coffee and lots of white sugar can lead to disease and malfunctions. So while you are talking to your soul today, think long and hard about how to nourish it. Make an exercise of doing what gives you joy. If it doesn’t pay the bills, maybe someday it will or realign your life to make it so.

Don’t continue to deny your soul because you can always pick out those people who do. They see the glass half empty and the negative in most everything. Their soul has shrunk and barely exists. There is still time, if you are reading this you are still on the planet. There is no limit to being whom and what we are meant to be.

Blog what you hear read and think.

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