Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dream Blogging

Blog about dreams. We all have dreams. That place we go to when we are not in deep sleep, the cross-over place of almost sleeping brings us into another dimension. We spend almost a third of our lives asleep, this is a known fact. What happens to our imagination when we slumber, that nocturnal time when consciousness is shut down?

Sleep takes us on a mystical journey of dreams where people and places collide. What do our dreams tell us? Our task is to listen. What in our waking world causes us to ask questions? Dreams give us the answers. The answers are not orderly. The answers do not come in a structured response.

Dead Aunt Mary invites us to dinner in with seven people we’ve never met and the fare is water and dried prunes. What do we make of this supper party? How does a dream with dead Aunt Mary give us answers?

The ancients believed in dreams. Wars were fought, events foretold and Kings were born out of dreams.

Perhaps Aunt Mary was a person we trusted; maybe she had all the answers. I wrote a novel, my first, based solely on a dream. The seed of that story was planted with my eyes closed. Dreams have a way of opening our minds to many possibilities. How do we feel after a significant dream? What emotion is present? Does our ego over ride the interpretation of a dream? All of these questions arise.

I am not blogging about dreams with the intention of suggesting that we make life decisions based on them, but more realistically, that we give respect to dreams. Honor the nights we find our self at the dinner table of a long demised relative who has invited a hodge-podge of outsiders. Perhaps sitting down to dinner with the unknown would force me, or any of us, to make conversation, to pay attention, to be on our best behavior, and to garner wisdom.

Seven is a significant number; it heralds a cycle which acknowledges lessons learned. Aunt Mary epitomizes someone we felt comfortable with and it would not matter how many strangers there were at her table. Having Aunt Mary as hostess makes it all okay. Take this into real life and perhaps something we fear is not as ominous as we think. Someone we trust is guiding us and we have to learn to make peace with the outcome, find our place in terra incognita.

A dream blog can be a wake up call. Set our alarm for tomorrow and we may find our self caught in a “ground hog day” scenario. Do it over until you get it right. This may never happen on the realistic plane but could recur in dream after dream until we recognize that we must face a fear, or an ingrained habit of denial that has dogged our heels. Whatever it is, dreams are our friends disguised in vignettes and characters that seem confused with our recent activities.

We can blog about our dreams and view them as a response to our souls need for nurturing. Feed me the soul asks…your dreams will tell you how and when.

Blog what you see, hear and think…

Talk later…
Linda Merlino, author: Belly of the Whale
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