Saturday, April 21, 2018

New Publication! LONNIE, ME, AND....

It isn't science fiction. It isn't fantasy. They don't solve crimes or have romantic adventures or think deep thoughts. Well, Lonnie hardly thinks at all, really.

I'm talking about my newly published book of short stories, LONNIE, ME, AND....

Lonnie is a natural-born fool. Tiny is the poor fool's best friend. Lonnie's wife, Leona, a hardshell Baptist, trusts Tiny to keep Lon out of trouble, but that ain't easy.

Each story is titled "Lonnie, Me, and [fill in the blank]" and is narrated by Tiny, except for the final story, when Tiny's wife has her say.

In "Lonnie, Me, and the Battle of St. Crispin's Day", the boys go back to the old neighborhood for the parish festival.

Gotta Dance!

excerpt from "Lonnie, Me, and the Battle of St. Crispin's Day"
by Marian Allen
We almost made it. We were right there at the rectory gate when somebody opened the door to the parish hall and a burst of music came out.

“Dancing!” Lonnie shouted. He faked a little tap routine. “Gotta dance! Gotta dance!” He tossed the panda into my arms and loped away from us.

Drinking and gambling and dancing. Leona was purely gonna kill me!

I’m big, but I’m not that fast, and Father Dan couldn’t but waddle. By the time we got into the hall,
Lonnie had worked his way into the crowd and cut in on a guy who didn’t look all too happy about it. The woman he was dancing with was laughing.

I recognized her. Then I recognized the guy.

“Are you kidding me? He’s in here two seconds, after twenty years away, and he zeroes in on Jackie the Kipper?”

Jacob deKueper, his real name was, but he was “Jackie the Kipper” to us boys, and his big brother, Pete, was “Dutch”.

Danny was sweating, and not just from the heat of the parish hall.

“I didn’t realize the deKuepers would be here. I haven’t seen any of them around for over five years.
Jackie must have gotten time off for good behavior.”

And the woman.

“Isn’t that Yvonne Hargrove Lonnie cut in on?”

“Yvonne deKueper.”

“She married the Kipper?”

“She married Dutch.”

“This just gets better and better.” I craned around, lookingfor somebody my size but uglier and meaner.

“Surely Dutch won’t be here.” Danny ran a finger around the inside of his dog collar, then made a twitchy gesture that looked an awful lot like the sign of the cross. “Dutch is still wanted for his part in the hold-up that got Jackie put away.”

“I’m gonna go peel Lonnie off that handful of trouble he’s dancing with and get going. Thanks for the good time, old pal. If I ever invite you over to my place, take my advice and don’t come.”

“Sorry, Tiny.” His voice faded behind me as I plowed through the dancers.



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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Holmes, You Pre-date Me OR Kaye George Does Neanderthals #BookReview

DEATH IN THE TIME OF ICE by Kaye George is the first in her People of the Wind series. She places various hominid peoples in North America, including this tribe of Neanderthals. Using the most current research findings (at the time of writing) and what I can only call a stunning imagination, she creates a culture specific to one particular group of people.

I read and loved Steven Mithen's AFTER THE ICE, and there was nothing in George's book that made me go, "Naw. Uh-uh. Got that WRONG." I could absolutely believe that these people behaved and thought in these ways. I say "these ways", plural, because George writes about individuals.

Okay, the death. Somebody kills the Hama, or Most High Female. The tribe wants to blame it on an outsider -- any outsider. One woman, though, believes the culprit is one of the tribe. Not a popular opinion.

There are sub-plots galore, none of which get in the way of the main storyline. There is a wealth of detail about building techniques, burial practices, climate change, and so on, none of which bogs down the flow with info-dump.

The only drawback I can find is a tendency to repeat questions and musings a little too exactly and a little too close together.

"You call that a drawback?"

Hey, if I said it was perfect, I would draw the attention of the gods to the book. You don't wanna draw the attention of the gods, amIright?

I've bought and read the sequel, DEATH ON THE TREK, and the sequel holds up. If there's another in the series, Imma buy that, too.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Write This Way Indie Author Fest #Dallas

Shondra Quarles emailed me with news of this free event in Dallas, Texas. Alas, that I live nowhere near Dallas, Texas, 'cause this sounds like fun:
Write This Way: Indie Author Fest is hosting our 2018 Authors of the Future Contest. This is an opportunity for new and amateur writers of poetry, novelettes, children’s books or short stories of any genre . No entry fee is required. Contest is open to writers 12 and older. Entrants retain all publication rights. Finalists MUST be present at our 2018 Write This Way: Indie Author Fest in order to win prizes. The 2nd Annual Write This Way: Indie Author Fest is a FREE EVENT & will be held March 24th 12 noon -4pm at Ponchaveli Studios. All awards are adjudicated by professional writers only. Top Prize: Ponchaveli Studios will design a book cover, $600.00 - $1600.00 value. 2nd & 3rd Winners will receive gift cards to help with publication expenses.


Ponchaveli Studios 914 West Commerce Street Dallas, TX 75208 The organizers are Shondra M. Quarles and Latrenda Chirell Bailey-Rush To register, go to their Write This Way Eventbrite page.

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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Life Outside the Storyline

I'm currently reading BEATRIX POTTER'S GARDENING LIFE: THE PLANTS AND PLACES THAT INSPIRED THE CLASSIC CHILDREN'S TALES. In it, author Marta McDowell first outlines the life of "Miss Potter" and then goes through a year of plants and flowers. She illustrates both sections with photographs of the actual gardens and "Miss Potter"'s art, and with quotations from her letters.

I say "Miss Potter" in quotation marks, because Beatrix preferred her married name, Mrs. Heelis. The book leaves the impression that Beatrix Potter, author, was much more Beatrix Heelis, gardener. 

When my grandfather went into the hospital and then into a nursing home, I found that his treatment shifted slightly but discernibly when I brought in a picture of him as a young man. Life outside the storyline of "an elderly man needing care" changed him into "THIS man who is now elderly."

And that made me think about genre v literary writing. Everybody says, "Know your characters inside and out -- and then leave most of it out of the book." I think that's more true of genre writing than literary. I think genre books focus nearly exclusively on the storyline, with peripherals coming in as subplots. I think literary books focus on life outside the storyline, with the storyline simply being the thread through the beads.

What do you think?

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Thursday, December 21, 2017

New Publication: SWORD & SORCERESS 32

I'm pleased as punch to announce that Marion Zimmer Bradley's SWORD & SORCERESS 32 is now available for purchase. The reason I'm so pleased is that I have a story in it!

I'm even more pleased by the company I'm keeping:
Sword & Sorceress 32, edited by Elisabeth Waters, was published November 2, 2017 and is entirely suitable as a gift for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Twelfth Night, Winter Solstice, Yule, etc.
It is available in trade paperback, and for iBook, Kindle, Kobo, and Nook.
Women's WorkPauline J. Alama
Hostages of HoneycombMarian Allen
The Sound of the MoonRobin Wayne Bailey
Finding TruthLorie Calkins
Wight NightsSteve Chapman
Royal DaughtersElaine Cunningham
UnexpectedSuzan Harden
Save a PrayerMercedes Lackey
Sky, Clouds, and SonamCatherine Mintz
Shaman's QuestKevin L. O'Brien
Authority FiguresMichael H. Payne
The Girl from Black Point RockDeborah J. Ross
Till the Cows Come HomeL.S. Patton
Deadly QuestionsJonathan Shipley
The Nature of WraithsDave Smeds
Add a Cup of TerrorMichael Spence & Elisabeth Waters
A Librarian in DistressRose Strickman
Expiration DateJulia H. West

Grab a copy for yourself! Makes a great gift, too! No, really.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

NaNo Pep Talk

I'm not doing NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) this year, but I have friends who are, and I have friends who would like to, so I'm doing my annual NaNo pep talk.

NaNo Pep Talk 2017

by Marian Allen

You cannot "lose" at NaNo
however few your words.
The "word count" is a goal, you know,
and "winning"'s for the birds.
The point is not to "make it";
the point is just to think --
to think about your writing goals
or just step off the brink.
With NaNo, you just concentrate
and concretize your goals.
It's possible you'll write a lot
of plot, including holes;
but maybe you'll just realize
that you don't write this way.
It may be you're a slowby
not a sprinter. That's okay!
Relax! Enjoy! Just savor
the pleasure of immersion
in writing -- your own flavor --
your NaNo -- your own version.

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