Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Law of Attraction in Blog

The Law of Attraction is just another name for fear. If a person is negative then negative happens. Why- me-God people can not see the flip side…the glass half full. Why do some people take on this kind of behavior? I believe it is out of fear. Fear becomes their protection, the negativity of their attitude is the barrier created against life. Inevitably, I believe this kind of person attracts the very things they fear.

Following my own guidelines to blog about what I see/hear/read, I am adding this Attraction concept to my list. The idea of bringing negative into our life is hardly new. It is not as if someone stumbled on to a lost work of art or buried treasure. I write a column and blog about Good Days and No Days—same theme. Why would anyone want to begin anything significant on a day that potentially would not offer the best results? Live your life---yes, but be mindful of the warnings along the way. People who profess to be out-of-luck, nothing-but-the-worst-happens and woe-is-me all live by the same code, which goes something like this: No matter what, things are not going to get better.

Now, what of the good people the ones that die young, the ones that suffer, the ones that are taken from us too soon? I have no answer; I believe there is no answer, only that there is a reason, a higher purpose to everything and that we are players on the stage of life and we do not write the script. Perhaps the good folk who attract illness or violence are role models. They are the teachers.

In my new book, Belly of the Whale, being released in April, the main character has breast cancer. Her name is Hudson Catalina, she is young; she has a family, her mother died of breast cancer and despite her ability to intellectually rise above her past she gives up hope of survival. It takes an encounter with a killer more deadly than her disease, as a hostage in an all-night market for her to regain faith.

The good people who precede us, who lay down their lives for us, like our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, they are teachers. Our friends, family and loved ones who are taken from us are the angels that walk beside us every day.
We, like Hudson Catalina, learn from them. We learn how to die, we learn how to live.

Blog what you hear, blog what you see…

Linda Merlino,author:Belly of the Whale
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