Thursday, December 01, 2016


Once again, Imajin Books has launched its pre-Christmas sale! My first Evan Dunstan mystery, DEAD MAN FLOATING is on sale for $.99 until Dec. 7th! If you’re looking for a quick, fun amateur sleuth story with an edge and a bit of humor, then meet campus security guard Evan Dunstan.

Here’s the blurb:

One wrong decision…

Security guard Evan Dunstan didn’t expect to find a body floating in a campus stream. An empty vodka bottle nearby suggests that the highly despised George Krenn, head of the plumbing department, had drunkenly fallen in. Refusing to let the death of a vile man ruin his romantic plans, Evan decides to leave the body for the next shift to find.

One friend in trouble…

When it’s discovered that Krenn was murdered, Evan has a lot of explaining to do. So does his friend Sully, Krenn’s least favourite student. Evan uses his hacking skills and campus knowledge to keep them both out of jail, but the investigation forces him to question Sully’s innocence.

One mystery to solve…

Uncovering the truth proves to be more than challenging. It may cost Evan his job, his friendship, and his woman. Will Evan find the killer, or will the killer find him first?


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