Sunday, April 15, 2012

M is for Missed My Mark

I always post here on the 14th of the month, so let's hop into the Wayback Machine and dial it back a day.

~wavy screen and weird music~

Okay, here we are on April 14, 2012.

I have a problem. Yes, other than a poor memory for when I'm supposed to post here. I've been granted a reversion of the rights to a novel, and I want to do a slight rewrite and reissue it. Although I will certainly make it clear that it's a reissue and cite the title it now holds, I want to change the title.

The title as it stands, and which I want to change:


NOW, people tell me, "Eee! Eels! I'm never gonna even read the description of a book with eels in the title!"

The Eel -- Where the coast meets the sea. Where merfolk with snake-like tails mingle with land-dwellers in uneasy truce. Where that truce is about to explode into violence.
Aunt Libby -- A crone, a short-tempered scrapper, a True Priest of Micah.
Loach -- A genderless young mermayd not above a spot of robbery.
When corrupt priests, greedy merchants, and local revolutionaries try to use Aunt Libby to enflame one side against another, they all learn that an old woman and a young mermayd make a serious stumbling block to their plans. Libby and Loach race against time, before the sea of the Eel runs red with blood.

So. I need a new title. The new cover will still have a big moon in a cloudy sky, a coastline, and blood in the water.

Any suggestions?

p.s. I really really missed my mark: I post here on the 21st!! So let's get back into the machine and pretend this is April 21. ~sigh~

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Pat Bertram said...

Almost anything would be better than Eels. Maybe something with Mer in the title?

And I'm fine with dialing time back a day. It's going to fast as it is.

Keava the Diva said...

How about something like "Crossing the Water Line" or something dealing with the tentative balance the peace between the groups rests on

Marian Allen said...

Thanks for the suggestions -- keep 'em coming! :)