Friday, December 26, 2008

Lost Blog

The case of the lost blog. Where the blazes does the last blog you just spent thirty minutes of your precious time writing go when you bleeping press the wrong key? What happens when you can hear the computer chewing your words, chomping sentences and licking its lips? Argh!!! No amount of back arrow clicking can recover the lost blog. It was breakfast for a hungry cyberspace monster; and so you have no choice but to begin again...start over...argh!!!

The possibility exists that what was written previously was dribble anyway, and no one cared a lick about what was said. Amen.

The truth is I've been remiss in my Good Days and No Days and for those unable to get out-of-bed because of my failure to advise - I apologize.

Once the Scorpio Moon went off into the deep bowels of the Cosmos she left behind about six hours of what-the-heck-is-happening-to-me-garbage. This was precisely between 12:30am-6:15am on Wednesday morning. Whatever occured during that time frame seemed important and serious, however, the Scorpio Moon is known for its bathroom humor and dirty tricks, so no worries,believe it or not, she was just kidding.

The Sagittarius Moon took over, thank you very much, and continues until 6:30pm, Friday evening. There is sure to be some over spending, over eating, over doing and over joying with this jolly moon. Hope your Christmas was all of that and more. The Capricorn New Moon joins us for the weekend beginning 7pm Friday night. New Moons are excellent for starting over.

So there, that's the answer...I had to begin again with this blog and this one makes so much more sense than the last one. But hey, if you are lost in cyberspace and find any MIA blogs please let me know...

Have the best darn day everyday.


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