Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Blog a No Day-Good Weekend

Well so much for a plan...when you have a plan God laughs. I've been without a computer for five days not because of technical problems but because I ventured out for a few hours with a plan and life grabbed me and threw me into a nightmare. I watch the sky and track the No's and Good Days but that does not give me magic powers to see what will happen in my own backyard. Enough said, except to remind you all that life is very fragile, hug the people you love tell them every day that you love them.

Wednesday is soon to be a No Day packed with changes of plan and God knows what else. Go with the flow. New Moon is on Thursday in Sagittarius and we love that new moon because it allows us to begin again. From just after midnight on Thursday morning until about 8pm on Friday use that moon to be generous and thankful. The Capricorn Moon shows up on Saturday but not until about 1pm. You can make lists in the morning and if you are shopping on Black Friday do it in the daylight, rest up when the moon goes off radar.

The balance of the Holiday weekend is the Capricorn Moon which has us all counting our pennies and trimming costs. Budgets will prevail, go green-go lean.

Have the best day every day. Remember: Hug someone you love.


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