Sunday, May 25, 2008

What I've Learned About Promoting

I haven't done nearly as much promoting as other savvy writers on our Write Type team, but I'm trying to do something everyday to let people know about my books. I've been part of Goodreads and MySpace for a little over a week now, and had feared I'd be languishing there for weeks or even months alone but, to my surprise, such is not the case.

I find I'm "adopting" new friends on a daily basis, especially on MySpace. While many of them are writers, others are not, and it's great fun to talk to people from other backgrounds and other parts of the world. Some of them actually think it's cool I'm a writer. Hmm. MySpace is an interesting place, but I have to admit I've had trouble creating an attractive page with all the bells and whistles. For people like me, who aren't technical wizards--or even technically competent--it's been tough to figure out how to do some of the fancier things. Still, I'll get there, eventually.

I've also joined John Kremer's Book Marketing Network and Bestsellers, and again, am meeting more people. I have more sites to join, more work to do, but I figure I'm on my way. Whether all this networking translates into sales remains to be seen, but I've come to realize that networking isn't always about selling books. It's about being part of an enormous community of terrific people I wouldn't have met if I hadn't made the effort. Sometimes, I don't want to sell anything to anyone. I just want to talk . . . see how someone else's day is going.

So, I'll keep putting myself out there to the world, and to see what the world brings back.

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