Sunday, May 04, 2008

How I Spent My Weekend

This weekend, I did something I'd never done before. I attended a romance writer's conference. The Vancouver chapter of the RWA put on an event at a gorgeous hotel overlooking the Fraser River in New Westminster, not far from where I live.

Now, I've been to my share of mystery conferences. After all, it's what I write, but a colleague invited me (she's working on a romance) to this one, and since a local law enforcement officer would be giving a workshop, not to mention the talented Lisa Jackson and Vancouver's own Michael Slade, the opportunity sounded too good to miss.

The conference, in fact, was terrific. Speakers were entertaining, funny, informative, the attendees incredibly friendly, and the food terrific. This was the shorest conference I've ever been to--just Friday evening and Saturday until five--so I was surprised to receive a large complimentary bag containing books and other goodies. Breakfast, lunch, and a cookie break were part of the deal too.

I made copious notes, exchanged business cards with some terrific people, got an idea for a new series (I couldn't stop writing notes for a half hour), and learned about a fantastic website for crime writers. Mostly, I discovered that romance writing has evolved into an incredibly diverse genre since I last picked up a romance paperback. I guess I've spent too much time reading only mysteries because I had no idea there was such a thing as erotic suspense. Yahoo! I also learned more about urban fantasy, paranormal romantic suspense, historical suspense, and on and on.

So, I've started a brand new TBR pile, and if anyone out there can recommend some great reads, let me know and onto the pile it'll go.

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