Friday, December 01, 2006

It Is Your First; It Is Your Present!

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What is wrong with the below sentence? (Nah, this isn't a grammar quiz!)

"Live each day as though it is your last."

Sure, everyone (at least, it feels like it's everyone) is saying this...I hear it, read it, everywhere. People say this to encourage others to live life to its fullest. It may seem encouraging, but there's always something I don't quite like about that "encouragement" but never could really point out (to myself) why; personally, I've never used this phrase. But recently, it suddenly hit me when I was lying in bed--which is usually the time when ideas come knocking on my brain door. For the first time, I publicly had a chance to point out why during my last radio show interview on The Namaste Show with host Jennifer Clark.

I told the audience that my motto is:
"Don't live each day as though it is your last; live each day as though it is your first!"

That surprised the host (she said so herself). She had never realized that "living each day as though it's your last" is really so negative.

I said that live in a way that is like a new experience for you. Just like a child receiving a brand new present, you are experiencing the present for the first time; life is the gift from God; explore and discover new things, and live as though each day is your first day!

Death is inevitable, but why let it hover over your head like a dark cloud? Why live each day as though you're going to die tomorrow? Subtract the negativity! So enjoy your new day!

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