Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I would like to share some good news. While learning the craft of writing, I wrote about 100 short stories. The subject could be family, crime or the Holocaust. In learning how to write short, I was able to adapt to long.

I changed over to writing novels BUT early this year decided to submit a story to ARS MEDICA, Canada's only literary medical journal looking for 'well-crafted' stories about illness. I submitted one about my mother who had Alzheimer AND yesterday was informed that it was accepted.

After it is published, I will make a copy for this site.

This has motivated me to send a story to Manitoba Writers Guild looking for stories about 'Friends'.

Author of;
The Light After The Dark (non-fiction)
The Light After the Dark II (non-fiction)
Why, Zaida? (children's book)
The Unlikely Victims (nominated for Arthur Ellis Award -- 2002)
An Eye For An Eye (winner of BookAdz Award -- 2005)
The Minyan (novel)

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Cheryl Tardif said...

Congratulations, Alvin!!!