Tuesday, May 21, 2019

THE WOLVES OF PORT NOVO #NewRelease #Fantasy

I'm delighted to announce the re-issue of my science fantasy novel, previously released as EEL'S REVERENCE, now called THE WOLVES OF PORT NOVO. The book has been long out of print, but not forgotten by fans. I've let it rest, I've run it through a critique group that gives no quarter, and I've made some necessary adjustments, have a stunning new cover, and a far less squiggly title.

Elderly priest of Holy Sweet Micah, Aunt Libby, leaves her parish in a huff and walks into danger. Not from the tough young mercreature who robs her, not from the pragmatic waterfront restaurateur who gives her the briefest possible shelter, but from fellow priests. 

"Reaver" priests, mercenary and cynical, have driven all true priests out of Port Novo and plan to expand their power as far as possible. One old woman isn't going to stand in their way. 

Or so they think.

Available through Amazon in print and for Kindle.

I'm doing Story A Day May again this year, writing and posting a story every day on my blog. Today's story is set in the world of Port Novo, and it's about Aunt Libby as a child.

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