Sunday, March 08, 2015

Those Sneaky Publishing Scams

At book events throughout the year, I’m often approached by new writers who are seeking advice about becoming published. These folks aren’t only asking about finding a traditional publisher, but how to self-publish or find a publishing service.

There are all kinds of publishing services, some straightforward who deliver exactly what they’ve promised. And then there are others. For instance, did you know that the infamous PublishAmerica, which received numerous public complaints from unhappy writers is now known as America Star Books?

You might have heard that Barnes & Nobles launched a self-publishing platform called Nook Press in October. They offer editing, cover design, and limited print-on-demand. But did you know that this platform is actually operated by another infamous publishing service called Author Solutions? This revelation comes from the folks at Lets GetDigital. They also claim that Barnes & Noble didn’t mention the connection in their press release or on their website. If this is true, then yikes! How would you feel about signing a contract with one company only to realize that it’s actually being operated by an outfit with a terrible reputation in the writing community?

Publishing scams are so prevalent that Indies Unlimited is devoting the month of March to informing authors about these and other things. They will be exploring options for getting your book and/or money back if you’ve been scammed, and to let writers know that there is a writing life after a bad experience.

Publishing choices can be tricky, but it helps to listen to others who’ve been through both good and bad experiences. The goal, as always, is to make an informed choice, so it might not be a bad idea to take a look at Indies Unlimited this month, but do your research. Take a look at other viewpoints and options as well.

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