Sunday, July 06, 2014

How Many Canadian Books Have You Read?

Last Sunday afternoon, my husband and I were listening to CBC Radio while driving home from an excursion. The topic was the top 100 books that make you proud to be a Canadian. The program’s guest was one of the people who comprised that list. She made it clear that the list was completely subjective and that there were many other great books out there. I don’t remember all of their criteria for the picks but I do recall that emotional impact was one of them, and I think commercial success also played a role. They also chose books that reflect decades of Canadian writing and not just recent work by Canadian authors (at least I think they all are), and/or with Canadian settings and focus. 

I have read eight on the list. One or two more I kind of remember reading forty years ago, and there were at least ten more authors whose other novels or short stories I’ve read. I was happy to see that the list wasn’t exclusively literary. Louise Penny’s Still Life made the list, and yes, it’s a memorable mystery. William Gibson was also on the list, and many other familiar names I still intend to read. The top 100 can be found on the CBC’s website, which I’ve linked for you. Happy reading!

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