Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Do You Take Plastic?

For years, I've resisted getting a smart phone. I was forced by unfortunate circumstances to get a cell phone, but only used it extensively during the crisis, then kept it for security reasons because I was on the road so much going to book signings and events.

Still, I resisted the shiny smarties. I saw too many of my friends tearing their hair out trying to master the dang things. And, after all, who needed one?

My phone could:
  1. make calls
  2. receive calls
  3. send texts
  4. receive texts
  5. record voice mail
What more could I want?

Well, I thought, if I had a smart phone, I could get one with a camera, and then I wouldn't have the weight of a cell phone AND a camera.


Then I went to an event and somebody asked me if I took plastic. The person next to me said, "I do." She whipped out her smart phone, plugged a little square piece of electronics into it, and BOOM took plastic. Fortunately, this person was a friend, and took the sale for me and gave me the money for it.

Now I have a smart phone. On the advice of my friend, I opened a separate bank account just for those plastic transactions. Then I went to Square, Inc. and requested a FREE square credit card reader, which just came.

And the next time I'm selling books and somebody asks me if I take plastic, I can say, "I sure do!"

Ha ha ha ho hooooo!

Marian Allen
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Debra Purdy Kong said...

I signed up with Square in the fall to prepare for craft fair sales. Am I ever glad I did! The larger the fair, the more credit cards were used to make purchases. At least half of my sales occurred because I was able to offer the credit option. It also amazed me how many customers we already accustomed to writing their name on a phone screen!

Marian Allen said...

It's a new world to me. I'm such a gadget freak, I'm having a blast! I downloaded a QR and Barcode Reader app, and I go around scanning stuff just for what we, in spec fic, call "the goshwow." :)