Sunday, December 09, 2007

Writers Beware

Absolutely true comments made to me at a recent party after the host introduced me as a writer.

Guest: Oh, what's your book about?
Me: A family tragedy. A husband is shocked to learn his gentle wife has committed murder and begins looking for clues about impulsive violence in her family tree.
Guest: Ooooooh. Maybe the next one will be more hopeful.
[Goes in search of dip.]

Guest: Where do you get your inspiration?
Me: I like exploring the perspective of being the fly on the wall when something happens.
Guest: My ex-husband is a psychopath. Now there's a story.

Guest: Really? You wrote a book? I have a great story. Let me tell you about it...
[Ten minutes tick by]
Me: Really? You should write that. You have a lot of passion for it.
Guest: No, this needs to be told. These people ripped people off. They were bad people.
Me: So you quit?
Guest: No way. It's a good company to work for.

Guest: Your book is about generations? Let me tell you about mine. I know I just met you but. . .
Me: [accepts grateful drink from passing waiter]
Guest: Okay, so I wasn't my father's favorite child.

Guest: A book? A big person book?
Me: Uh, yes.

Posted by Karen Harrington, author, JANEOLOGY, Spring 2008

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