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Nikki Leigh visits The Write Type as part of her virtual book tour

A message from Nikki:

Lady Lightkeeper – The Characters

Before I start writing, I interview with each character. I’ve played with various character worksheets to figure out what details I need to know. In my character development, I become familiar with the hometown of my characters, which plays a part in their attitudes and values. This ties in well with my setting research and that allows the information to show up in the story in several different ways.

Lady Lightkeeper was different since I worked with these characters in Widow’s Walk. It’s been fun to work with these characters through about 20 years – in their world J

Let me introduce you to a couple of my characters.

Lizbeth Sullivan Kinsey – She’s the heroine of the story. Lizbeth lost her mother at a young age and her father died in a boat accident. She’s lost so much in her life and William’s boat is missing. She knows the sea can take anyone in the blink of an eye.

Sara – Sara has been in Lizbeth’s life since shortly after her mother died. They are very close and that relationship gets even closer when Lizbeth learns that her father had an intimate relationship with Sara for years. She loves Sara like a mother and Sara is very protective of the only daughter she’s ever known. Can a rumor tie these two women apart?

Aidan Kinsey – Aidan is Lizbeth’s young son. He’s very smart, kind, caring and patient. Lizbeth knows that Aidan needs his father, will William be able to come home and help her raise their children?

Marta Kinsey – Marta is Aidan’s twin sister. She’s spoiled and she loves her daddy very much. She has a hard time understanding why her daddy hasn’t come home. When will she see him again?

Duncan Jones – Unrest is becoming more obvious in American. So, when its suggested that this shy and quiet stranger should be the new lighthouse keeper for Misty Cove, the residents are concerned about whether he can be trusted. They learned in 1841 (in Widow’s Walk) what can happen to their loved ones when the lighthouse keeper can’t be trusted. Can Duncan win their trust and how does he figure into Lizbeth’s life?

These are just a few of the characters from Lady Lightkeeper. But, I’ve had a number of readers asking me to hurray and write the next story – they want to know what happens to the characters. I even have a few readers who are plotting what they think will happen to these people next. For information about all my characters, visit http://www.nikkileigh.com/characters.htm.

Excerpt from Lady Lightkeeper by Nikki Leigh

Gulls flew and dipped toward the boat while the men tightened their lines to the sturdy posts. The birds’ wings fluttered in the rays of sun. They flew along the dock each time fishing boats came to shore. Their presence around the boat reminded me of Marta, always looking for the next meal. Thinking my daughter brought a warm smile to my face.
Several of the men working on the dock were tall, others were short and chunky. I noticed a few that tied bandannas around their heads. Some men moved barrels, while others rearranged their traps. A cool breeze stirred along the shore and carried the brackish smell to my nose. The scent reminded me of William. Of course, everything reminded me of William.
“Who’s that woman?” A man called from the boat.
“What a looker? Maybe she’s here to see me.” Another man chuckled in the distance.
“No, she wants me. What woman would want to see a man that smells as bad as you?” A voice boomed from the other end of the boat.
I held my head high and walked with determined steps. Someone on the vessel might have the tidbit of information I needed to find William. My boot heels clicked against the boards below my feet. Water lapped against the pylons while waves hit the dock with a restful and refreshing rhythm.
The cry of the gulls, waves washing against the piers and boats, these things and more reminded me of father and William. We spent many times around the while I was growing up. Being near the ocean brought back sorrowful memories of father’s accident and death, but it prompted joyful thoughts from my life with father.
One of our boats was tied to the dock and the men had a wooden bench near the lines holding the boat ashore. The bench held supplies when they loaded and unloaded the craft. Spreading the hem of my skirt, I sat on the bench and tried not to look out of place. I belonged there, but there was no need to discuss that with the sailors. More important things were on my mind. The sound of my foot tapping on the boards distracted me while I waited.
“Men, will we go ashore and try to find some fresh food?” The words hung in the air.
I stood and grabbed the corners of my skirt to hold it off the boardwalk. Whistles carried to my ears and I lowered my hem a little. Shaking my head, I walked straight to the gangway. A group of men disembarked from the boat and the rumble of voices made its way to me.
“Lovely lady, can I help you?” The sailor weaved his way across the boardwalk. He smelled of whiskey, even from this distance.
“Leave the lady alone. She doesn’t want to be bothered by a disgusting sea dog like you.” There was a wicked glint in the sailor’s eye as he seemed to defend me. “I would imagine she might choose a fine man such as myself.” He lifted his battered hat to display a bald head that shone in the sun.
His sweeping gesture made me laugh. A cheer arose from the tight group when I laughed. The bald man lifted his fist into the air. “That sweet sound is a signal of my success. I made the lady smile. Let’s see if anyone can accomplish more than that.”

Each person who buys a copy of Lady Lightkeeper, needs to email me a copy of their receipt. I just need a receipt that shows you bought a copy of Lady Lightkeeper and I'll enter you in the drawing for a copy of Widow's Walk. That seemed like a good giveaway since the story starts with Widow's Walk. However, if the winner already has a copy of Widow's Walk, I'll be happy to send a copy of Lilah and the Locket instead.

In addition, each person who posts a comment on any or all of the blog stops will be entered in a separate giveaway. Each comment will be entered in the drawing and at the end of the month, one person will win a copy of Lady Lightkeeper. Again, if the winner bought the book already, I'll send them another book as a prize. Any questions, let me know. nikki-leigh@excite.com.



Nikki Leigh said...


Thank you so much for hosting my tour stop today. I always love to have a chance to talk about my books and my characters :) I'm knee deep in final galleys today, but I'll try to stop in to answer questions. Also, remember, anyone who posts a comment will have a chance to win a FREE copy of Lady Lightkeeper.

Nikki Leigh

Cheryl Tardif said...

Hi Nikki:

Glad I could help with your tour. I almost missed putting it up though. You may want to send reminders the night before. I found that extremely helpful. :) Thankfully something kept tugging at me, and I knew there was 'something' I was supposed to do before leaving for PA. lol WHEW! I found my note about your VBT and posted right away.

I hope you get huge results!!!! And make new fans!