Thursday, November 09, 2006

101 Heads Are Better Than 1

Here's a review for the book, 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life, Volume 2, which I co-authored with 100 self-improvement experts, including the highly acclaimed Jack Canfield, Dr. John Gray, Dr. Richard Carlson, Alan Cohen, and Bob Proctor.

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101 Heads Are Better Than One

Reviewed by Dr. Alan Gettis, author of The Happiness Solution, and, Seven Times Down, Eight Times Up

David Riklan has done it again. He managed to get 101 self-improvement gurus to collaborate and share their collective wisdom. The result is '101 Great Ways To Improve Your Life - Volume 2'. The stories will improve your relationship with yourself, others, and the universe. Covering an enormous array of topics, the common denominator of the stories is that they will help you think more positively and feel and function better.

Shirley Cheng's chapter entitled 'Dance With Your Heart: How To Befriend Your Heart And The World Around You' is my favorite. She provides clear guidelines on how to not only dance with your heart but on how to become a dancing heart. It is a beautiful and instructive chapter written by this young woman who is a blind and physically disabled poet and author. I learned more about her by visiting the website

The book is filled with many other stories to help you discover countless ways of feeling better and improving your life. Enthusiastically recommended.

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