Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dear Mom: Story-teller, Bookworm, Queen of WOW

Dear Mom,

I am so happy you spent this Mother's Day with me. It made my Mother's Day that much more special, and I know how lucky I am that we can still share these times.

Ever the story-teller, you always have something new to tell me about your life in Port Coquitlam--at least it's new the first time you tell it. My novel The River never would have been written if it wasn't for that time you told me about your old friend who wanted to go down some river in Canada, a river where people had disappeared. Oh the seed you planted!

When I think of you, I always picture you with a book in one hand, a cup of coffee or tea in the other. Our house was always filled with books, and I sometimes suspect you left yours lying around when I was young and that's why I started reading romance as a young teen. I know I get my love of reading from you--and my love of exploring something new, whether new genres or new authors. Whenever you come to visit, you leave behind a wake of books read and I usually end up with new reading material. I'm still working on the bags of books you gave me before you moved to BC a few years ago.

I love to tell people, "My Mom is the Queen of WOW!" Some don't know what I'm talking about; some do. If people only knew that you like to run around in armor while casting magic spells, chasing strange creatures and picking up gold and other valuables. If people only knew that you play World of Warcraft with people far younger than you--and some much older. If people only knew that one of your friends is quite famous. Yes, if people only knew that my mother is...a cool Mom. WOW! If people only knew...oops, I guess they know now.

You are one of the strongest women I know. I admire you, and there is never a day that goes by that I am not proud to call you my Mom.

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