Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Are You Interested in Putting Your Books in a Bricks and Mortar Store?

Second Wind Publishing is trying to open an independent bookstore in Winston-Salem, one geared primarily toward small publishers who publish books by a variety of authors. They would have a "best seller" rack for folks who just have to gratify the need of reading an homogenized book, but most of the offerings would be from indie publishers. Every few weeks they would feature a book signing with an indie author. This bookstore will be a triple business: a working art studio and gallery (with featured local artists and regular receptions), and a wineshop (North Carolina has 77 independent vineyards and most do not sell their wine offsite; these vintners are pretty much in the same shape as we independent publishers: a great quality product and not much serious consideration).

So, here's the question: would you be interested in selling your publications on consignment basis? Second Wind would pay for shipping and return all unsold books.

Second Wind is also considering a nook for self-published books, which would also be sold on consignment, though the author would be responsible for shipping costs.

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