Friday, May 08, 2009

3 Links of The Week: Eat, Laugh, Read

1. Writing Time is a cool site for writers with all kinds of tips and inspiration. One of the cool posts this site featured this week was a talk from Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert on the subject of "A different way to think about creative genius."

2. This site features FREE cartoons by Dave Walker that are very often spot-on about society.

3. And finally, I want to link to the Reading Comfort site because a very sweet person named Mandy offered to let me try out a product called the Book Buddy and I just love it. It holds your book in place so you can have hands free reading. Although, I most often use mine as a laptop buddy because of the wonderful lucite desktop that converts the book pillow to a comfy writing desk. Mandy, I'm sure that it will be because of this little tool that I will rite gewd.

He was trying to develop his creative genius, writing furiously atop his BookBuddy, adding more virtual friends on Facebook, ignoring the actual friends at the door. In later years, he would name said BookBuddy ...Wilson."


Brought to you by Karen Harrington
author, Janeology
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