Friday, May 15, 2009

3 Links Of The Week: Book Design, Penguins and Bad First Dates

1. At the Book Design Review, critics break down the artistic merits of book covers. For example, you'll want to read this one for Nobody Move - a dust jacket with bullet holes.

2. Here, at a cool site called Once Upon a Plate, learn to make your own March of the Penguins...with olives and carrots, no less. Just go look at the picture. It's hilarious.

3. And finally, strictly from a writing research point of view, this Dating 101: First-date red flags was an interesting piece. Apparently, if say, my character, Biff, tells character Clarissa that he's between jobs, never moves this fast on a first date, has never had a serious girlfriend and that he'll call her - he's just not that into her; which means, of course, that she'll be more attracted to him. That's how I'll write it anyway.

After their first course of martinis and penguins a la toothpick, Biff asked Clarissa to pay the bill because he was between jobs to which she responded "Nobody move! This is the guy for me!"

Brought to you by Karen Harrington, author Janeology

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