Saturday, April 26, 2008

Oh No, It's That Time of Year Again

Once again, taxes are going up, income taxes are nearly due, and most of us are struggling with government forms and the dullest guidelines to have besieged mankind, unless, of course, you pay someone else to read the forms. Did you know there are people who actually like doing taxes? That there are people who think it's cool to be an accountant? I'm married to one, although he's not a tax accountant and hates the forms.
If you, or the accountant in your life, needs a break from dull, confusing, infuriating, number-crunching . . . if you want to look at taxes and tax auditors in a unique and lighter way, TAXED TO DEATH might be an answer.
Young, Revenue Canada auditor, Alex Bellamy, has stumbled into his first fraud audit, but things become dangerous when his colleague is murdered. To solve the murder and safe his life, he recruits a CA's secretary to help him. Problem is, she doesn't want to have anything to do with Alex.
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