Sunday, April 20, 2008

Angel in Blog

I met an angel the other day. She did not have wings, or a long flowing gown. Encountering an angel isn’t always apparent in the first few minutes. There is a brief introduction where his or her identity is hidden from view. I’ve probably missed dozens of opportunities because I was too busy or distracted to pay attention, to listen, or to be aware.

There are all kinds of angel activity swirling around us, so much in fact that we can often mistake it for coincidence or accident. But there is no such thing as coincidence, nothing happens outside the master plan; which means we have so much to believe, and even more to chalk up to blind faith.

The interjecting of angel wisdom has no pattern of whys and when’s. Sometimes it is just to help find a missing shoe or our keys. We get flack from non-believers when we talk out-loud about such things, in all honesty I simply say thank you and keep it to my self.

How about the other morning when I was wondering where I could get single dollar bills at four thirty a.m. to tip my baggage handlers at the airport. I’d thought of everything for my trip except that, and then getting dressed I put my hand in my jeans and in the pocket was a freshly washed and dried bundle of one’s. Huh, you say…see what I mean I reply.

I am deep into the marketing and selling of my new book, Belly of the Whale. There is little time for much else except going to work and occasional sleep. My next manuscript has few pages written, most of the story is still in my head. I continue to collect data and research and sometimes put words on a page, but mostly I blog for writing and compose new emails and have abandoned my usual morning book-writing-routine.

A random connection to a woman I met in my travels proved to be this writer’s gem, or more correct another angel. We were discussing the past and present of places we’d been and lived. She revealed a snippet of her past and I had to stop and sit down. Here was the key to unlock the door to my next book. This woman had been to where I was going in my story. Although fiction, her experience was not, I had to tell her, about the angel thing I mean.

Do you believe in angels? I asked. She said, yes. You are my angel today, I said. She smiled and said thank you. No, it is me that needs to say thanks, we need to talk more, I said. Anytime, she offered.

Do not dismiss happenstance, say a prayer or mouth a thank you to those no-entities that offer guidance and good humor everyday. Perhaps, like me, your questions will be answered.

Blog what you hear, see, think and feel.

Linda Merlino, author, Belly of the Whale
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