Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Blog a Prayer

Not being one for dogma, rules and sermons I am not sure if I should be blogging about prayer. I grew up memorizing the Baltimore Catechism. For sure I know all the prayers, or at least I did once upon a time. Out-of-practice is what you might call me, preferring to talk to God in my own language with my own words without kneeling, sitting, or standing on cue.

I pray most often in my car. Not the norm, but what I call prayer is far from the traditional version. The good news is that my kind of prayer has had its success. What I mean is, many of my prayers have been answered, and other prayers, well others have not. Those are the ones that went off in an opposite direction from my request, only for me to later realize that if I had gotten what I asked for something else would not have happened, or someone else would not have crossed my path.

Blogging about prayer is my way of acknowledging the power of talking to God. Sometimes I don’t even call God, God. Instead I think of the concept of a higher power or even enlist the mythical gods to speak on my behalf. I don’t think it matters. God doesn’t seem to take offense at how I approach my prayers.

There were times when I would shake my fist at God, and tell him off. I would call Him a comedian. I was sure that He and all his seraphim must be holding their sides laughing at me as one obstacle after another came onto my path. This was how I perceived life unfolding, none of it was fact.

The truth is I consider myself blessed. All that tragic-comedy made me a better person. Without all my run ins with God I would probably not be an author. Belly of the Whale, my recent release, might still be at the bottom of a drawer. Some higher being urged me to write; listened to my prayers, endowed me with inspiration and stuck by me when I was discouraged.

Prayer, no matter how you approach the process, is worthwhile. Blog a prayer, or say a prayer, either way you will be heard.

Blog what you think, what you see, and what you hear.

Linda Merlino, author, Belly of the Whale

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