Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sample Chapters Are Up and Let the Selling Begin

Well, Fatal Encryption is at the printer and, to a large extent, the creative process is over. Or is it? Now my main focus is selling this puppy, and let me tell you, when it comes to selling, creativity takes on a whole new meaning. Because I'm still pretty much a rookie at this, I'm in learning and exploring mode.

There's the standard must-do stuff, like posting sample chapters on my website, which is now done, by the way. If you're interested in reading the first four chapters, (the first three are short) then simply go to and click on Fatal Encryption excerpts.

And then there's the not-so-common things like, posting a "What I've Been Doing" article to my old high school. This isn't something I would have thought of, normally, but I needed to look up the full and correct name of the school for my bio (it's been a long time since I went there) and, as it turns out, they're having a big reunion this May to celebrate the school's fiftieth year. So, they've invited class graduates to post an update of what they've been doing. It's on my to-do list.

Today, I experimented with something new, at my kids' suggestion. I've offered autographed, new, first edition copies of my first Alex Bellamy novel, Taxed to Death, on Ebay. The selling period is one week, and it was fairly simple to navigate my way through the instructions. So, we'll see what happens. It's another great way to reach the whole world, but whether the whole world will be interested is another matter.

Meanwhile, I have to sign up with all the online bookstores, also on this week's to-do list. Did I mention that I have a really long promotion to-do list? I guess most writers do. Let's see how far I can plough through it in a week.

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