Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hand Blogging

Helping hands, they can blog too. These are hands you can not see, invisible hands if you want to call them that. Hands that pat us on the head when we are good; push us when we think we can’t go any further, and move things around, so what is lost can be found. Helping hands; what would we do without them?

This blog is to say thank you to my invisible hands and yours too. Many nights, with no hand to hold, I reached up and out and in my heart I held on tight to a guiding hand, my endless resource of support. People, who believe in angels, know all about helping hands, even when I was little we were taught to believe in guardian angels. We all had one, we were told, hand-picked for each one of us. The concept of that got skewed over the years, believing in the unknown was considered weird. Like dreams that flood our nights, helping hands follow us during the day.

Think about it.

I am a writer, not a very organized on the surface kind of writer. In my brain I have it all mapped out, but if you look at my desk you’d shake your head. I write stuff down on post-it-notes and lay them out in a sort-of-rainbow. Every once in awhile I add some of my collected information to my work book; a bit more linear than my stickies. Since there is no real file, no A to Z, I sometimes have to sit back and say…”Where is that phone number?” The helping hands are there, what I asked for will show itself, like my invisible secretary a phone number will be in an email, a name on someone’s lips, an address inside a book jacket, and those are just the little things. It astounds me.

I can’t change how I navigate the planet. I can try, but this old dog is short on new tricks. Blogging is my latest “go fetch”. Obedient to the wise publisher that has made my book dreams come true, I tap on my computer keys and blog to you about dreams, soul, sacred space and more. These are observations of the heart, of the eyes, of the ears. To blog about the invisible hand that blows a kiss, the one that brings us love, and the one we have known in the flesh that is now gone, is a way of bringing all of this together; a way of saying thank you to our angels, everyday.

Blog what you hear, think and see.

Linda Merlino, author, Belly of the Whale
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