Saturday, March 01, 2008

Blog for Sacred Space

This is a blog about space, not outer space or myspace, but sacred space. The mere mention of this place rings holy, divine and reverential. Beyond cyberspace is that place of our own, a physical spot on the planet where our soul is at peace. To some it may be the beach, to others a mountain view, for a writer sacred space is essential, it is the very center of where thoughts begin.

When I was younger and a single parent there was no such place. Every inch of our small house was tagged, even my bedroom. There were only so many corners four people could escape to and no place was off limits in our home. If I put paper and pen on the dining room table, someone was bound to settle in next to me, if I thought to stay up, pillows fluffed behind my head, I would find myself next morning slumped over with pen still in my hand. So my writing became portable, because we were portable, our lives a constant swirl of motion. My sacred space was in my car, on the sidelines of a soccer game, on a rain-drenched field under an umbrella, on my lap at lunch, at five in the morning sitting on a kitchen stool and in motel rooms during championships from here to Phoenix.

The stories in my head began in long hand on yellow legal pad without the benefit of a holy spot, the ever sought after, close-the-door-place I could flee to when the words bubbled over.

Today I have an office in what used to be the playroom. Surrounding me are snippets and quotations, kid photographs and a smiling Buddha. This is the place, the space I blog about today, the spot I encourage each one of you to create and seek. Your spirit is revived in your hallow place, your soul finds comfort, your mind rests and your creativity flows.

Where is your scared space?

Look around, walk the terrain, touch, smell and listen. Move the furniture, pictures and lamps until it feels right. Mark your place on the planet. Deem it yours.

Blog what you hear, what you see, what you feel.

Linda Merlino, author, Belly of the Whale
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