Sunday, February 14, 2010

Why The Olympics Are Great For Writers

As you probably know, the Olympics are underway here in Vancouver. We’re in day three and already there’s been some great moments (the opening ceremony and medals for Canada), embarrassing moments (need I go on about the torch lighting glitch?) and a tragic moment, when the Georgian luger lost his life during a practice run.

While I’ve been watching the stories unfold, it occurred to me that these next two weeks will offer some pretty unique opportunities for writers. The most obvious example is the articles that local and visiting writers will create for magazines, journals, newspapers, and blogs. But what about fiction writers? Wouldn’t it be great to set a story during the Olympics? A novel even? Clearly, these next few days can and will put writers to work. And here’s something else: isn’t it possible that tourists might venture into bookstores and search for books by local writers or with local scenes? And what about writers who meets visitors in the restaurants, the bars, and in those long lineups for events and strike up conversations about writing, and happen to sell a book or two?

Opportunities are everywhere and creative souls should make the most of this unique event. So, excuse me while I cut this blog short to pull out my notepad and jot down some ideas....

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