Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blog For Writer's Gold

The Olympics have been contagious, infectious, feverish and glorius. I have spent the past seventeen days juggling work, writing, sleeping and the quest for the gold. Struck by tragedy before the opening ceremonies, I rode the wave of emotions of all viewers, the highs and the lows, more tragedy and more gold and then the almost gold by Team USA.

Inspired by the sheer determination of the participants I hurl myself into my go-for-gold challenge of writing my third novel. Plowing through the calendar towards completion by June thirtieth, I must admit I have fallen very short of words as February rolls into March.

Sleep deprived I nodded off at the keyboard once too many times this month and “lost” days of writing to cyberspace. I started backward, rereading, editing and researching again. I stumbled across a book written in the mid-nineties that has no similarity to mine except for the title. Changes. February was all about changes.

New title still a mystery I am, nevertheless, moving at a faster pace perhaps the bobsled competition has had its effect on me. I know that I am not alone on this writer’s slide to the finish line, sitting behind me are my characters, their voices loud inside my head, and they will guide me to “The End”.

My writer’s thought: Fictional characters have their own voices; sometimes they ride in your car, go food shopping and sit on your desk. Word of advice-keep them out of your bed…they snore.

Have the best day everyday.

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