Friday, February 12, 2010

Authors: Promote your books on NovelRank, Kobo, Kindle and litHouse

Authors: here are some great promotional links you may want to check out:

If you haven't heard of NovelRank yet, it's because they're new. If you've used TitleZ in the past to track books and sales ranks of Amazon, you'll know Amazon recently removed Kindle version tracking. is a similar tracking service and best of all it's free. While you can't compare book sales side by side (like TZ), there are extra stats I know you'll love--like the Twitter search and sales data. I really recommend you check it out. Also, check out Mario's blog for NovelRank. He'll promote you if you're willing to donate a book for one of his monthly draws.

Kobo is the new name for Shortcovers, an e-book retailer in Canada that offers e-books on a variety of platforms and devices. Shortcovers originated as a side-business of Indigo Books & Music, but recently broke away, found major investors and renamed to KOBO. Authors can sell short stories, collections of stories and books. Readers can read on PCs, laptops or smart phones.

Authors in Canada can now sell their e-books through Amazon's Kindle. It's not the easiest to figure out how to get started so here's the link: 

You must have an ISBN to sell your books at most online retailers, and in Canada you can register for ISBNs free at: (In the US, I believe you pay $50.)

If you offer writing, publishing or marketing services, you can promote your business by posting a free ad at

~Cheryl Kaye Tardif,
Book Marketing Coach & Suspense Author

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Leo said...

We've had success with RankForest too. Lithouse has been great for some clients. I also point fellow authors to the forums at GoodReads; some are book marketing centric and lots of tips get passed around.