Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Writers Block...did you ever get a bad case of it? I mean is there a vaccine like the flu shot that will ensure you can't get it? I don't subscribe to flu shots and I suppose I'd do the same for Writer's Block immunization. Trouble is I have a wicked case of Block. Nothing seems to squirt on to the page. Getting up at 5am usually means inspiration. Those early morning hours have been my most productive. Not lately. I've got another manuscript in the works. Those characters are screaming at me. Get me here, get me there but I can't. They are stuck and so am I. There must be a remedy. If anyone has the antidote I'd appreciate a house call or at least a Fed Ex.
Talk later...Linda

Post Script: Keep Writing.....dreams do come true....don't give up, don't give in, don't quit...
Besides the question really is: What will you do with this ONE mad, passionate life?
Feed your soul every day...from the soul comes the magic...your magic, your own ingredients
Have the best day everyday...

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