Thursday, November 29, 2007

Gayla Usla reviews The Last Troubadour - Song of the Montsegur

A fellow Kunati author received this review and I thought I'd post it here. If you're interested in historical fiction with a tarot twist, check out Derek Armstrong's new novel...

Elemental magic requires the right elements. I cannot conjure water of fire. Over these many years, have you not seen my skill?...The Sorceress Nevara defending her ability to perform magic in The Last Troubadour - Song of the Montsegur.

The Tarot is often talked about as being a tool for creative writing. It certainly has inspired many writers in many ways, but I must start by saying I have never been so enlightened by a novel inspired by Tarot as The Last Troubadour - Song of the Montsegur by Derek Armstrong.

To read the full review, please go to The Tarot Channel.

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