Sunday, April 11, 2010

Preparing for the Editing Process

I have a 72,000 word mystery novel to edit in less than three months. I’m not even asking myself if I can do it because failing is not an option.

This week, I met my publisher’s editor via email and was asked to send a detailed sketch of my main character, which wasn’t hard to provide since I developed one ages ago, then added bits and pieces over time. It was good to finally update my notes into one organized document. One of the great things about writing a series is that you can explore depths to your main characters that you never imagined when you first started writing. Characters might start off being composites of people you’ve known, yet they evolve into unique beings that seem just as real as your friends and co-workers. Whether you’re writing a stand-alone or a series, I definitely recommend preparing a detailed character sketch which should be updated once in a while. One day, an editor might ask you for it, and wouldn’t it be great to have a polished one ready?

The other piece of information I’m providing is a timeline of events that we’ll be referring back and forth to during the editing process. Again, a great idea and one I also prepared while writing the book to help me place events at the right place and time. Knowing when things happen in a mystery helps me keep sight of the big picture, and makes it easier to refer back to events when my memory inevitably falters. I can’t wait to start the actual editing. After all, it’s ninety percent of what I do as a writer.

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