Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Blog In the Zone

In the zone, so far in the zone I have zoned out. My writing rhythm feels solid as March flips into April, which is good news for my personal writer’s challenge but bad news for my already over-burdened mind. I struggle with reality, the small tasks that get me from here to there. Things like going to work-work. You know, that full time position that buys dog food, gas for the scary Toyota and broccoli, I cannot let a day go by without broccoli.

Then there are the dreams, some so vivid I feel I can retell the experiences. Why would I be on an Air Lingus flight in an airplane made of concrete with no windows and pilots seated at a banquet table facing the passengers while the passengers, including me, sit on stadium benches. Weird, I need dream analysis pronto.

Three months down of my six to novel completion, this writer’s challenge seems like the cement airplane in my dream, how the you-know-what is that puppy going to get off the ground.

You got to have faith!

Have the best day everyday.


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